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February Calendar

Feb. 12 -NO SCHOOL-
Teacher Workshop day

Feb. 15-NO SCHOOL President’s Day
Feb. 17-
Children's book author,
Erin Soderberg Downing visits Gr. K-6 

Feb. 23-Parent /Teacher Conferences
Feb. 25-Catholic United Raffle ends

March 1- WACS Yearbook Orders are due to school offices
WACS Advisory Board Meeting Calendar
February 16, 2016, March 15, 2016
 April 19, 2016, May 17, 2016


CLICK HERE to listen to our 2016
Catholic Schools Week Radio Spots!

Thank you to all for the sock donations. During the coming week the socks
will be donated to St. Anne Hospice and smaller youth sizes will be
donated to Family and Children's Center in Winona.