February 2018

Thursday, February 1, 2018


Hello Everyone!

We have started the third quarter of school and the children seem to be so excited to learn many new things. We are going to try and introduce some new strategies in both Reading and Math. 

I usually give the children enough time during the day to complete most of their school work; however they will have book reports and other things that may need to complete at home.  Almost every night the children will be assigned reading and spelling.  I also encourage flash cards for addition, subtraction and for some multiplication.  Please sign your child’s SAB when they have finished this.

I am sending home a book order today; it will be due Monday the 5th.  I am also sending the Feb. book report directions.  This month they will do a biography (a true story about someone’s life).  They will need to check with me to see if they can do the book that they choose.  The form will need to be filled out, telling us the author, character, setting and at least 4 important facts about that person.  They also may bring a costume or prop to teach us about their character.  I will send a schedule home to let you know when they should be ready to present.  They will be due Feb. 23rd and we will present starting the 26th. This is for my reading group only.  Mrs. M’s group will be working on a different report.

We will be having a Valentine’s Day celebration.  There are 18 students in our class, if you wish to bring in a treat for that afternoon. We do have allergies to any tree nuts so please make sure the treats are individually wrapped so that we can sort them.

We are having a fun week celebrating Catholic Schools Week. There were students who spoke at the Parish churches this past weekend and they did a fabulous job.  We have some fun activities for the rest of the week as well.  On Friday, Mass will be at 10:15 but we will be sitting by our 10th grade prayer buddies.  We will meet them in the morning, when we are playing Bingo in the church basement. Thanks for entrusting your children with me.

God Bless You,


Mrs. Cheryl Wilma


Feb 16th Parent teacher conferences

Feb 19th No school: President’s Day

Feb. 5-9 Cole Star Student

Feb. 12-16   Vivian Star Student

Feb. 20-23 Jonah Star Student

Sat. February 10th, WACS GALA at Signatures

Here is the schedule for the Book Reports for my Reading Group.
If anyone from Mrs. M's group would like to do a report they can let me know and I will put them on the schedule too.  I have Evelyn down for March 1.


Schedule for Feb. Book Reports:

Monday, Feb. 26th: Cole, Lincoln, Tyler, and Andrew

Tuesday, Feb. 27th: Harmony, Henry, Olivia, and Macs

Wednesday, Feb. 28th: Sophia, Magda, Halle, and Sawyer

Thursday, March 1st: Jonah and any make up reports.



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