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WACS EduCare

October 2017

Dear Parents,

     Hello! I hope all of you are having a wonderful school year.  I will just take a couple minutes of your time to bring you up to date on what is happening in EduCare.  As we move into the month of October, several items need to be brought to your attention. PLEASE read all parts of this letter carefully. 

     During the month of October, there are two No School days for the Winona Area Catholic Schools, October 19 and 20.  EduCare will be open for child care on these days.

If you plan to have your child in EduCare on these days, you need to do the following:

1.  You need to sign up on the sheets provided, indicating the time you

      need EduCare(this includes full-time children too).

2.  You need to pack a cold lunch for your child, because there will be no

      hot lunch served.

If you do not need your child in EduCare these days, you will not be charged (unless you have a full-time contract).  You only pay if you reserve hours and plan to have your child in EduCare on these days.  If you need to cancel the hours you reserved, you may do so 24 hours in advance.   Same day cancelations are still charged. 

     On October 18th and 19th, the EduCare teachers (Miss Pam, Mrs. Laura, Miss Jenny, Miss Jade/Miss Rachel) will be holding Parent-Teacher Conferences.  You will need to sign up for a 15 minute time period to meet with your child’s teacher.  If your child attends any other program through St. Mary’s School(preschool or kindergarten) you will not need to sign up for a conference with an EduCare teacher.  The sign up sheets for conference times will be available starting October 11th.    

General reminders:

** If you did not bring your school/snack supplies yet, you may still do so.   We appreciate your generosity. 

** Please remember to sign your child in and out each day on the sheets provided, even if you pick them up from the playground or gym.

** When dropping off/ picking up your child, please make sure an EduCare staff person sees you arrive/leave with your child.  For your child’s safety, we like to have them with an adult at all times. 

** Thank you to all families for remembering to sign up for lunch.  This year, our lunch count has been very accurate!.  Thank you for taking that extra moment to sign up your child for lunch. J

    Thank you for your time and attention to all of these items.  I truly appreciate all your help and cooperation so far this year. 



                                                                                                              Christine Nichols, Director of EduCare

                                                                                                               452-2890 Ext. 2109