October, 2017

                                                                                            October 2, 2017


Dear Parents,


The Read-A-Thon money is due on Tuesday, October 10.  Thank you for supporting our school!


We have started a reading program called Book It in our classroom this month.  A calendar will come home every month for your child to write down how many minutes they have read that day at home.  This should be minutes when they have read aloud or to themselves, but they have to do the reading.  Studying for tests does count if they are reading the material.  My goal is for each student to read 10 minutes a night for a total of 300 each month.  If they can’t read one night, they should read more the next night.  At the end of each month, you need to add up the total minutes and sign the calendar.  My goal is to get the children reading every day.  A letter explaining the program came home yesterday along with the yellow October calendar.  Your child will keep the calendar in their take home folder or in a safe place at home.


Thank you for signing assignment notebooks each night!  If your child doesn’t bring a book home or get the work done, please write me a note so I know.


Our class is doing very well with the Responsive Classroom program.  Everyone is trying to listen, be respectful and safe, plus have fun while learning.  I am very lucky to be working with your wonderful children!


We will have a small Halloween celebration in our room on October 31, but we do not dress up in costume in second grade.  Each child can bring in a treat to share.  We have 17 students in our classroom this year.


There is no school on Thursday, October 19 and Friday, October 20.


Enjoy the beautiful fall weather,

Julie Conover