August, 2017



Welcome to the Second Grade! I am looking forward to working with you and your child.
Here are some things you may want to take note of:

1. All students need to cover hardcover books used in school in order to protect them. Brown paper bags or stretch covers work well. Your child will have 2 hardcover books this year. Some of you did this at Open House.
2. Your child will bring home a take-home folder every night. Please check this folder every night with your child. All homework is to be done each evening and returned the following school day. Please follow these guidelines:


• All homework needs to be written in pencil.

• All homework needs to be done by your child.

• All homework needs to be written neatly.

• All homework papers need to come back to school clean.

• Your child needs to write his/her name on each paper.

• All assignment books need to be signed daily on the bottom line

and returned to school each school day.


3. Every Friday, corrected papers from the previous week will come home in a take-home folder. These papers should be looked at by you and your child. They can stay at home. Before bringing these home, your child will select their best paper to stay at school for a permanent portfolio.


4. Children must enter and exit school on 5th Street. If you are picking your child up, please wait on either side street of the school. Our bell rings at 2:05 and children not picked up before 2:30, will be sent to Aftercare.


5. We have a special board for the “Student of the Week”. Your child will find out the week before his/her turn. A poster will come home to fill out the week before. A note will explain more about this when it is your child's turn.


6. Please bring in lunch and milk money in an envelope marked with your child’s name.


7. Birthdays are celebrated sometime during the school day. If students want to bring something in for their birthday they can. Summer birthdays will be celebrated on half birthdays. There are 17 children and 1 adult in our room this year.


8. This year, Mass will usually be on Wednesdays at 9:45.


9. Library for our class is scheduled once a week on Thursdays. The children are allowed to take out two books and one magazine for one week.


10. Periodically, I will send home subscription forms to kits or magazines such as “Highlights”. Don’t feel obligated to order. Just sign your name and check “No,” and I will still receive credit for free classroom aids.


11. I will send book orders home about every 10 weeks. Again, don’t feel obligated to order.


12. Every night an assignment book will come home (except weekends). The students will write any homework they have from that day on it. We ask that one parent sign the book every day on the bottom line for that day, whether they have homework or not. The child needs to bring the book and homework back every day. I will not be giving a lot of homework; some days it might only be studying that week’s spelling list. Please feel free to write a note to me in this book, and you might occasionally find one from me. My goal is to help your child learn responsibility.


13. I use the program called “Responsive Classroom” to create a positive school climate in our room.  I will be modeling many things for them (how to line up, walk in the hallway, etc.) Whenever someone needs it, I’ll say “take a break” and they will go sit in a designated chair. They will decide when they are ready to come back. I’m sure I’ll need to use it too! To get each other’s attention, we will hold up one hand and I will say “Show Five”.


14. Spelling will begin next week. On Monday, the children will bring their lists home. There will be 2 lists and depending on how your child did on the pretest, that determines which list they will study.  The list they should study for the week will be circled.   Pretests will be on Mondays and tests will be on Fridays.  Mrs.M. gives tests in her reading class.


15. About once a week we will read a weekly children’s newspaper from Scholastic News.


16. Please let me know if your child has any allergies or medical needs.


17. I have books in my classroom with Accelerated Reader stickers on them. Almost every day we have free reading time to read these books. They will not come home, but some of our library books are AR books, too. After reading the book, the student takes a quiz here at school on the computer. If they achieve 80% or higher, they will be awarded points. They will have a chart in their school folder for stickers to keep track of their own progress.


Please feel free to contact me at school 452-3766 or e-mail me at: .


God bless you as we begin our learning adventure together.


Mrs. Julie Conover