March, 2018


March is going to be a very busy month.  Hopefully, the weather will warm up and the sun will shine.


A sheet is coming home Friday, March 2,  explaining the Leprechaun trap that your

child will make at school.  This fun project helps us meet our Minnesota Engineering Standards.


February 14 was Ash Wednesday and the beginning of 40 Days until Easter Sunday.  It is a wonderful time for us to reflect on how we can be a better person.  Each student wrote in their Religion book 1 thing they are giving up for Lent and 1 thing they can do for others.  Ask them what they are going to do.


We are have 2 more classes of our “Junior Achievement” program taught by Joyce Perry of Winona National Bank.  We have learned about how our community works through interactive lessons.  I am very grateful for the opportunity to have this wonderful program in our school.


Here are some dates to mark on your calendar:


March 2 - Informational sheet on Leprechaun trap comes home

March 3-11 Spring Break

March 12-13 Materials for Leprechaun traps come to school and planning is started.

March 14, Wednesday - Leprechaun Traps are made at school from 11:50-12:40 (volunteers welcome.)

March 16-Traps are set up for the weekend  at school

March 18 - Traps go home.




Mrs. Conover