Spelling words for the week of:
March 19th-23rd.
Our test will be Friday March 23rd.


Our spelling words are getting pretty challenging so be sure to help your child study his/her spelling words a little each day.



Dictated Sentence: Can you find the boat at night?

Our words this week focuses on words with the long /i/ sound. Boat and no are review words. Never and should are the two sight words on our spelling list this week. The sentence will be worth five points; two points will be for using a capital letter at the beginning of the sentence and the correct punctuation at the end of the sentence. Three points will be for spelling the words that are on our list correctly.  Our reading/spelling homework packets will be due at the end of the week, but if your child finishes them early they can be turned in as soon as they are finished.  Please make sure to go over the spelling words and the sentence several times throughout the week with your child, learning these words helps with vocabulary development as well.  Mrs. Lentner's class will have a different spelling list and assignments so they are not required to complete the reading/homework packets.  They will still receive the packets so you can be aware of the content of our units. Feel free to use these packets in any way you think may be helpful for your child.

Thank you,
Mrs. Walker

Contact: Molly Walker