February, 2018

Dear Families,

It was a busy week last week as we celebrated Catholic Schools Week as a community and as a family.  There were a lot of activities and a lot of changes in our daily schedule in school. It was not easy but we did it.  That sign, Stop, Think and Do the Right Things went up a lot.  The children took the initiative. That helped us to focus and to stay calm.  They felt bad they couldn’t go sledding.  That would have been the highlight for them.

We will be learning about the 2018 Winter Games/Olympics held in PyeongChang, in South Korea beginning February 9th and ending February 25th. Many athletes from all over the world come together to compete in the Sports in a spirit of friendship. Athletes from over 80 countries are competing in these Games. We will learn about the 15 games of the Winter Games.  We will learn about the gold medal, the silver medal and the bronze medal. We will see the flags of the many countries.  We will learn a lot. We will even learn about the 2 animal mascots; a white tiger and an Asiatic black bear.  What fun we will have with our First Grade Family!


We have two birthdays in February.  We celebrated Wyatt’s birthday on February 1st.  That was a happy day for Wyatt and his classmates!  Emma’s birthday is on February 27th. We are looking forward to that happy day!

This month is dental health month.


           We did a number of activities for Groundhog Day,                          February 2nd. And of course there is 100 days                          of school! We celebrated that on January 31st.It was so much fun when they shared with each other about what they would be doing when they turned 100 years old.  For a short month it is sure jam packed.

Thanks for sending in the snacks. With all the hard work that goes on in first grade, that is really appreciated!

Ash Wednesday is on February 14th.  We will be attending

mass on that day at 9:45 am.  Please feel free to join us.

Also, the children and I will be praying the Stations of

the Cross during Lent in the classroom. It is always so moving

 for me to see our little ones praying from their hearts! I’m

looking forward to that prayerful time with them.

We will be exchanging valentines on Wednesday, February 14th.

Please check the first grade binder for the list of children in

our class. Because it is also Ash Wednesday, I have decided not to have a  celebration that day.  However, we will celebrate Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday