December Newsletter




December, 2017



Dear Families,


       This is the time when we can focus on preparing our hearts for Jesus.  It is a time when we can truly think about others and what we can do to put a smile on their faces and in their hearts.  I find it so fascinating that we witness so many miracles of the Baby Jesus during this, his season.  How blessed we are to feel Jesus and his Love and Kindness through others!

          Our Thanksgiving Feast was so much fun!  Thank you so much for sending in the food and other things that made it a very special memory for our First Graders. You gave it the perfect touch!! They seemed to really enjoy the fish pond; so much fun to watch them with that big catch!

          The children will have their First Grade Christmas celebration on Wednesday, December 20th, in the afternoon. I plan on keeping it simple with frosting cookies and drinking hot chocolate.  I will get more information to you later.

          For Morning Meeting sharing the next few weeks, I plan to have the children partner up and read a story to the class.  This is something we will prepare in school.


We are celebrating 3 birthdays this month. Victoria’s birthday is Sunday, December 17th.  We will celebrate it on Friday, December 15th.  Shola’s birthday is December 28th.  We will celebrate it on Tuesday, December 12th.  Payson’s birthday is Friday, December 29th.  We will celebrate it on Thursday, December 14th.

For Book-It this month you decide what is a realistic goal for your child.        I know this is a busy time and I want to make sure that reading with your child is still enjoyable.


And the way the children reach out to each other with love and kindness is certainly a gift from Jesus.  They tend to open their hearts to everyone; just like Jesus!  Oh how much I learn from your children.  Thank you so much for entrusting them to my care!

Until next time…


Take Care,




Jani Giaquinto