April, 2018

Dear Families,
Happy Spring! It’s been interesting and I know we are so

ready for some warm and predictable weather. I figured

there was going to be a problem when I put my boots and

the ice melt away. Sorry!  I know we are so ready to get

outside and enjoy some warm sunshine.

We will be celebrating 1 birthday this month.  Liz’s birthday is Saturday, April 28th.  We will celebrate it on Friday, April 27th.  That will be a special day for us as Liz always has such a nice way of letting others know that she appreciates their kindness. That will be our last first grade birthday this year.

I had mentioned that Mr. Kotsmith has been coming in and teaching the children about community, community workers, wants and needs etc. He does this through the Junior Achievement Program. He will be done this month. They have really enjoyed his visits and have been great participants in his lessons.  I know he is having a good time with them!


Mr. Domeyer, from the Rotary Club, has been coming
in once a month to read to the children. Then he leaves

 the books for us to put into our first grade classroom

library.  He is Gavin’s grandfather and Gavin is so

proud!  The children have been listening well and

feel very entertained, all while they are learning

We will be celebrating Earth Day this month!

 Stay tuned for some fun (home enjoyment) projects.

I really appreciated our First Grade School Mass.  I just sat in awe of your children thinking back to when they first started first grade.  Oh, how they have grown!  They were so sincere and so expressive at their mass.  They truly showed me what the love of Jesus looks like!  It was so touching! So many teachers came up to me and said they did a beautiful job!

I am sending home a book order form for Scholastic Book Club. Please feel free to send an order in with a check for payment to Scholastic Book Club or go online and place an order.  Our class activation code is: N4G9P. I will send the order in on Wednesday, April 11th. Thanks!

Take Care,

Jani Giaquinto