May, 2017

May, 2017
Dear Families,
Happy May!   Happy Spring! 
I can’t believe it is time for me to make this special request!
I sent a First Grade binder home, containing lots of information about first grade, with your child at the beginning of the year and said I would ask you to send it back to school in May. Well, it’s May.  Please send it back to school when you can.  Please feel free to take certain pages out that I will not need such as the class list and the morning meeting schedule.  Keep them in the page protectors and put them in your child’s scrapbook if you’d like.  Sincere Thanks!!
As you know, there will be a Quinn Benefit with
the June 4th, 5K run/walk event.  Flyers went
home last week and we have the opportunity to
buy a T-shirt for this benefit.  We will be wearing
the T-shirts the last day of school and it will be
something to behold. I have no doubt.  I know there
will be such a mystical presence amongst our WACS family.
God Bless Our Quinn Family!!
All three first grades will be planning the school mass for Friday, May 19th. It will be the May Crowning of Our Blessed Virgin, Mary.  Please mark your calendars. I think it’s going to be a beautiful mass as the classes come together in leading our school in prayer.
We will be taking a field trip to the Dinosaur Park (Sinclair Park) on that same day, May 19th. Permission slips will be coming home soon. That should be fun!
 We will have our field day at the lake at the end of May. More information and permission slips will be coming home shortly.
 Lastly, as you know we have been going through the ALICE training and practices this year.  Our goal is to Be Prepared, Not Scared. It is your children who have put my mind at ease as we go through the drills.This past Friday we went through the evacuation drill and the entire school walked to our designated spot, the East End Fire Station.  I wish you could have seen your children. They walked fast, but did not run. They were quiet, so ready to listen to any instructions.  My heart just skipped a beat when I realized that they would be responsible in an emergency situation. I realized that they would do their part to keep themselves safe. Sincere thanks for all you have taught your children!
Until another time...
Take Care,
PS….A box of crackers would be nice!!!!  We Thank You!