Meet Mrs. Norton

    Greetings ! I am Rhonda Norton, preschool teacher for our "Flex" preschool classes at St. Mary's. "Flex" meaning: flexible in age - both 3 & 4 year olds & flexible in attendance days - according to parent selection.
    I have taught school for 32 years! Wow! It amazes me that one can still love your job after all those days. I adore the little ones, and each day is a new surprise!  Never a dull moment! 
    My husband, Mark and I are from Abilene, Kansas.  We have lived in Winona for 22 years.  We have 3 children.  Ben and his wife, Abby, just moved from Duluth to Minneapolis, with our two granddaughters, Elle (4) and Lauren (15 mo.).  Our daughter, Sara, and her husband, Josh, live in Plymouth, MN. with our grandson, Trigg(22 mo.) and brand new granddaughter, Reese, a Christmas gift, born Dec. 27.  Our youngest, Eric, lives in Charlotte, NC where he works at the Lowes’ headquarters.  Our Llewellyn setters, Hayley and O.B. round out our family.
    I am a graduate of California State University/Long Beach with post graduate work at Harris Teacher’s College in St. Louis and Winona State University. I have taught preschool for the past 28 years in Marion, Ohio, Buffalo, New York and Redeemer Preschool in Winona. 
      I am thrilled for the opportunity to now be teaching in the WACS system. 

One of my favorite poems:
Kids Are My Business
How lucky am I?  At work each day
I get to help children learn and play,
And keep them safe so they will grow
Into adults I’ll be proud to know!
How proud am I?  I guide today’s youth
To strive for knowledge, goals, and truth.
I know I play an important part
In inspiring them to take learning to heart.
                               How grateful am I?  I value so much                                         
The smiles that I win and the lives that I touch.
I love earning the trust of each girl and boy.
Kids are my business, as well as my joy! 
                                                  a poem by Robyn Squire, an American writer


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