Poem of the Month

I'm glad I was your teacher
I've come to love you so
I can't believe the end is here
I hate to see you go!
Remember all the fun we had
In all the things we did
But most of all remember

You're a very special kid!
Your #1 Fan,
Mrs. Menke



Poem of the Month 

Please recite to Mrs. Menke by Friday, April 28th

By: Stephen Vincent


The long cold winter is melting away
A single red bird was spotted today

Through the mist the sun is peeking
Squirrels are about and acorn-seeking

New life has come to fields and woods
Kids venture out in sweatshirts with hoods

In just a few weeks the river will flow
Blossoms on trees will be starting to show

There's still a chill in the springtime air
Winter is gone but the memory is still there

Summer is waiting a few months beyond
To warm the air and the meadow and pond

A gopher peers out from the holes that he makes
Springtime is when the whole world awakes


Poem of the Month for March 

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Please recite to Mrs. Menke by Friday, March 31st.

May love and laughter light your days,
And warm your heart and home.

May good and faithful friends be yours,
Wherever you may roam.

May peace and plenty bless your world
With love that long endures.

May all life's passing seasons
Bring the best to you and yours!

From Withywindle to you!


Poem of the Month for February 

(Please recite to Mrs. Menke by Tuesday, February 28th)

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My Mother's Chocolate Valentine
Jack Prelutsky

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I bought a box of chocolate hearts,
a present for my mother.
They looked so good I tasted one,
and then I tried another.

They both were so delicious
that I ate another four,
and then another couple,
and then half a dozen more.

I couldn't seem to stop myself,
I nibbled on and on.
Before I knew what happened,
All the chocolate hearts were gone.

I felt a little guilty,
I saw stuffed down to my socks,
I ate my mother's valentine.
I hope she likes the box!


Please recite to Mrs. Menke by Tuesday, January 31st

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When the World is Full of Snow

by M.N. Bodecker

I never know
just where to go
when all the world
is full of snow.

I do not want
to make a track,
not even
to the shed and back.

I only want
to watch and wait
while snow moths settle
on the gate,

and swarming frost flakes
fill the trees
with billions
of albino bees.

I only want
myself to be
as silent as
a winter tree,

to hear the swirling
stillness grow,
when all the world
is full of snow.


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Poem of the Month for December

Please recite to Mrs. Menke by Wednesday, December 21st

Merry Christmas

Margaret O'Donnell

Carols in the distance,
Laughter everywhere,
I can smell Christmas,
Floating in the air.

Candy canes and bon bons,
Angels top the tree,
There's presents over yonder,
One for you and me!

Tinsel wrapping round and round,
Candles light the night,
Making Santa's journey,
Sparkly and bright.

A very merry Christmas,
To your family my friend,
May your new year bring happiness,
And may the joyful times not end.


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Poem of the Month for October

Author Unknown
The Monster 

I thought I saw a monster
Underneath my bed-
His tongue was yellow,
And his eyes were red.

I thought I saw a monster
Underneath my chair-
His face was purplr,
And he had pink hair.

I thought I saw a monster
In my room last night-
His legs were orange,
And his feet were white.

I thought I saw a monster
And that he saw me-
But don't tell my mother
She'll be scared you see!

September Poem of the Month

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The first Poem of the Month will be given to your child on Tuesday, September 1st.  Your son/daughter will have until September 30th to recite the poem to me from memory.  The purpose of this exercise is to open the door to poetry, allow an opportunity to study information, and to practice brain retention.  Thank you for your partnership!
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Scott Clarke