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Your son or daughter will have until December 20th to recite the poem below from memory.  The purpose of this exercise is to gain exposure to poetry, allow an opportunity to study information, and to practice memory retention.  
Thank you for your partnership!



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Poem of the Month for December

Please recite to Mrs. Menke by Friday, December 20th

Merry Christmas
Margaret O'Donnell

Carols in the distance,
Laughter everywhere,
I can smell Christmas,
Floating in the air.

Candy canes and bon bons,
Angels top the tree,
There's presents over yonder,
One for you and me!

Tinsel wrapping round and round,
Candles light the night,
Making Santa's journey,
Sparkly and bright.

A very merry Christmas,
To your family my friend,
May your new year bring happiness,
And may the joyful times not end.