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Monday, December 11th

Reconciliation Wednesday, December 13th @ 9:45

Coloring contest due Wednesday, December 13th

  • Please work on Compass Learning at home for a total of 45 minutes each week for both reading & math  @  www.thelearningodyssey.com 
  • Your child will know their username & password, as it is the same as logging in at school.( The school code is DOW)
  • The goal for Compass Learning is to complete 45 minutes per week at home for each subject.


No Homework

Please read 20 minutes for Book It

Classwork: We are currently reading the book Shiloh by Phyllis Naylor.   

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We will continue to do many written exercises throughput the year to reinforce reading strategies & skills.  
(prediction, context clues, visualizing, inferences, & vocabulary)


Creative Writing:   

No Homework

Students will be given a short creative writing assignment each Wednesday. Assignments are due the following Monday. These short essays are designed to help with writing fluency and overall basic mechanics. Writing on various topics will help your child to discover their unique narrative voice in addition to practicing a format using an introduction, body of supporting details, and a closing.
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‚ÄčMrs. Menke:
Lesson 44 (even numbers)
Mr. Jewison:
Pages 110-116

Mrs. Besek:
Lesson 44 (even numnbers)



No Homework

Each Friday, three engineers from Fastenal will help assist my class in making real dog wheelchairs with authentic materials for local veterinary clinics to assist dogs after surgery. 

We are currently learning our place in the galaxy.  Each child has started a large poster by drawing the sun as the center.  Today, your child learned about the eclipse, solar flares, sun spots, and the massive amount of energy the sun produces. 

No Homework


Social Studies:

State Report Assignment (Pie Chart)
Due:  Monday, December 18th

Please study the 12 SE capital cities
TEST:  Wednesday, December 13th
(2 practice tests were sent home)

Tallahassee, Florida
Atlanta, Georgia 
Montgomery, Alabama
Jackson, Mississippi
Baton Rouge, Lousiana
Little Rock, Arkansas
Nashville, Tennessee
Frankfort, Kentucky
Charleston, West Virginia
Richmond, Virginia
Raleigh, North Carolina
Columbia, South Carolina



The fourth grade students will start their state reports on Thursday, August 31st with the help of Mrs. Kuehl who taught fourth grade at St. Stan's, but has since retired.  Mrs. Kuehl will join our class each Monday afternoon from 1:00-1:45.  Mrs. Kuehl has a great passion for teaching social studies.  The research report will continue throughout the year using short assignments.  At the end of the school year, all information and assignments are gathered into one book report.  They are truly a beautiful sight!

*We will continue to work on landforms, map skills, states, and capitals. 

Hey, kids!  If you have an extra minute, check this out:



Hyperbole packet
Due: Tuesday, December 12th


Please think of a topic for the "The Most Important Thing" poem.  Please chose something that is true and dear to your heart. We will follow a specific format as a guide to complete our thoughts onto paper. Thank you!

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 We will work to identify singular, plural, possessive, plural possessive, and proper nouns.  In addition, we are learning the correct use of adverbs, articles, interjections, and introductory phrases within our writing.

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December 11th - December 15th

Pretest:  Wednesday, December 13th
Final  Test:  Friday, December 15th
Packet Due:  No packet this week, kids!

A spelling list and vocabulary packet will be sent home with your child every Monday. We will not have spelling the first week of school.  The spelling/vocabulary packet is due on or before Friday. On Wednesday, the class will take a pretest and it will be graded and sent home on Wednesday.  If your child misses no words on the pretest, they do not need to take the final test on Friday.  


No Homework

We are reviewing the basic strokes within cursive letter formation such as downcurves, curve forward, double curves, over & undercurves, and slanted loops.