Dear Parents,

            I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Our class definitely enjoyed our Thanksgiving feast together. Make sure to check out my web site, which includes pictures of our Thanksgiving feast as well as pictures of many other special activities. Thank you to everyone who brought food in to share, we truly had an amazing feast. It’s hard to believe that the busy month of December is upon us.  This month has a way of moving along very quickly!

            I am sending home quite a few things in our Friday Folder today, so please make sure you look through everything carefully. There is a letter regarding Sister’s thank you gifts, pages for your child to complete for Sister, a coloring contest sheet, which is optional, and the permission slip for our field trip to The Star.  If you are missing anything please let me know and I will be sure to send home a copy of what you need in your child’s take home folder.

            Our snack supply needs to be replenished again. So many of you have been so responsive anytime I have notified you of our snack needs. Your help with this is always greatly appreciated! Your children really enjoy their snack breaks.

            I am planning on having a Christmas party for our class on Wednesday December 20th.  We will be exchanging our gifts and enjoying some Christmas treats.  I am going to keep it very simple so I’m sure Mrs. Modjeski, Sister and I will be able to handle things on our own.  I will need a few items donated for our Christmas party.  Please indicate if there is something you are willing to donate on the sign up sheet provided.

             I have found that a great way to handle gift giving at this age is to have a “surprise” gift exchange.  For Wednesday December 20th.  I ask that each child bring in 18 of the same small party favor-like gifts.  Some ideas might include; little ornaments, pencils, play dough, bracelets, note pads and anything else you may find in the party favor section.  These gifts do not need to cost a lot of money; they can even be something your child makes.  Put your child’s gifts in a bag so that no one can see them, on the outside of the bag please make sure to have your child’s name and three clues as to what it is they are going to share with us.  We will have fun trying to guess what our friends are sharing with us.  I have had great success with this activity in the past.  Children seem to enjoy the excitement of giving as much as, if not more than, receiving.  If you are looking for some different ideas check out Pinterest, there are many perfect ideas provided for this type of gift giving.   Feel free to bring any gifts in early, I am happy to hold on to them until our gift exchange.

            Of course we will not forget the greatest gift given to us on the first Christmas!  We will finish off our last day before Christmas break with a school wide paraliturgy followed by a Christmas sing-a-long.  The paraliturgy will begin at 1:40; we will leave for home after our sing-a-long.

            I wish you all a blessed Christmas and a very Happy New Year.  I hope you find time during this busy time of year to enjoy your family and friends and the spirit of this wonderful season.


Christmas Blessings,

Mrs. Walker


Items needed for our Christmas party.


____________ I am willing to donate two-dozen Christmas cookies, any variety.


____________I am willing to donate plates and napkins.


____________I am willing to donate covered travel cups.


We are also in need of Christmas wrapping paper for some special Secret Santa gifts. This can be any partially used rolls or even that over used wrapping paper that you are tired of, anything you have to spare will be helpful!


*Thank you in advance for your generous donations.




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