Reading Strategies


A syllable is a word or part of a word that has one vowel pattern.

Four Leaf CloverThere are 6 types of syllables in the English Language.


C-Closed syllable            

    1 short vowel, ends in consonant    

not, yes, cat,fluff    

L-Consonant -le syllable

    Count back 3 letters to divide  bub.ble  pud.dle

O-Open syllable

    syllable ends in a vowel- vowel is long sound

        go, be, no, he, she

V-Vowel team syllable

    2 vowels together making one sound

        team, rain, noun

E-Magic e syllable

    e is silent, first vowel is long

        note, grade, bike, here

R-bossy r syllable

    r following a vowel, often vowel sound lost to ‘r’

        fern, nor, birth