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Mrs. Norton’s Preschool
Color of the month:  red                       Shape of the month: circle
     Our school beginning has been exciting.  It is a time for us to welcome and meet our new students.  For the students it is a time to make new friends with whom they will learn to share, cooperate, work and play.
September Activities
Off We Go!   Week of Aug. 29
 We will begin our year with trying our crayons, scissors and glue out this week.  We will join the books, “Tumble Bumble” & “If you Take A Mouse To School”. Wiggles, the dog, will show up in our classroom to help us learn the rules of school.  We will be learning nursery rhymes all through the year.  This week we will sing “Mary had a Little Lamb”.  In Praise time we heard the story of Jesus and the children. 
All About Me  Week of Sept. 5
     During this week we will discover things about ourselves and how special God made each of us. We will draw self portraits of our selves. We will be measured this week.  Singing and dancing the “Hokey Pokey” will help us identify our body parts. Our favorite song this week is “Down By the Bay”. In Praise time we have been learning how God made us each special and unique.

My Name, My First Gift From My Parents  Week of Sept. 12
     This week we will begin to write our names.  We will decorate the first letter of our name.  We will count and graph the number of letters in our name. During Praise Time we will learn how God knows each of our names.  Watch for a sheet for parents to tell us the meaning of our name and why you picked our names. 
Color My  World   Week of Sept 19 
Sharing:  Bring one red item from home to share on one day this week.  Tuesday, Sept. 20 red day – please wear red.
     Our next week will review the many colors in our world.  We will do an assesment to see what colors each student can identify. Our activities will include reading the story, “Mouse Paint”  then trying some color mixing to create new colors.  We will hear the folk tale of “Knee High Man” this week. We will add “This Little Light of Mine” and “Little Red Caboose” to our songs this week. In Praise Time we will learn the story of “The Lost Sheep. ” and the song “Jesus Loves Me”.
Pete the Cat   Week of Sept 26
     After reading and singing the book “Pete the Cat – I Love My White Shoes”,  we will talk about not letting things upset us.  We will do color review with Pete.  We will practice counting with” Pete the Cat and his Groovy Buttons”.  We will create Pete using shapes.
Red – our color of the month – students may bring a red item any day during the week of Sept. 19 for show and tell.  Tuesday, Sept. 20 is red day – please wear red. 
Star students We will begin having our star students the week of Aug. 29. You will receive your child’s poster to complete the week before. You will receive information about what a star student may do that week.
Week of Aug. 29 – Mrs. Norton
Week of Sept. 5 – Leo a.m./Logan p.m.
Week of Sept. 12 – Lily B. a.m./Brooklyn p.m.
Week of Sept. 19 – Amelia a.m./Bradley p.m.
Week of Sept. 26 – Gabriel a.m./Libby p.m.
Fall Field Trips - Our field trips to Ferguson’s Morningside Orchard in Galesville will be:
P.M. class  - Tuesday, Sept. 27  11:30 – 2:15                                
A.M. class – Wed., Oct. 11  8:30 – 11:30
We will need to have several parent volunteers to attend the orchard with us. Let me know if you can come. All students are invited to attend even if the field trip day is not one of their attendance days. More info will follow.
School Picture Day – Wed., Oct. 5 – If your child does not attend school on Wed. you are welcome to bring your student anytime during the morning to have their picture taken.
Show and Tell We are beginning show and tell with the shape sharing can. One student will take the circle shaped can home each day. Place something in the can that has a circle shape and 3 clues your child can share.
Helping hands We are blessed to have Olivia Baerenwald (Tues. p.m.), Shannon Garvin(Thurs. p.m) and Madison Grandaw(Fri. a.m.) as practicum students from WSU. They will teach one lesson per week. They are all early childhood/elementary majors.
Read-a-thon This is the only fundraiser for our school this year. It will start on Sept. 22 with a book swap. Preschoolers are asked to get pledges for time they are read to.  Organizers are hoping each preschooler can receive $35 in pledges.  Starting next week you will receive more info.
Volunteers - In order to volunteer in our school you need to receive Virtus Training which is required by the Diocese of Winona. Virtus is an educational program that provides training to keep our children safe from harm. You only need to receive the formal training once, but then need to keep updated by reading a five minute bulletin once a month online. Let me know if you need more info.
Have you heard your little one singing:
“Peanut sat on the Railroad Track?”
“Hickory Dickory Dock?”
“See You Later Alligator”
“Jesus Loves Me”