What will we be working on…

*Measurement – measure half units when finding distances, objects and temperature

*Addition and Subtraction – multi-digit numbers to the 100,000 place value

*Compare and round multi-digit numbers

*Fractions – identify and compare as part of a whole, parts of a set and the concept of numerator and denominator

*Multiplication – two or three digit numbers by a one digit number

*Time – determine elapsed time to the minute

*Money – make change up to one dollar in various ways

*Geometry – identify parallel and perpendicular lines, sketch and find

the perimeter and area of polygons

*Multiplication and division basic facts

*Analyze Data – tables, bar graphs, picture graphs and number lines


  What you need to know…

*The math homework for third graders will be to mainly work on basic math facts.

Please continue to work with your child on addition and subtraction facts as well

 as a new focus on multiplication facts. By working on these facts at home, in

addition to at school, your child will be more successful with all of the units

we will be covering in the classroom. If other math homework is assigned

throughout the year, you will be informed of it at that time in their assignment notebook. 

Resources for you…    

*Compass Learning - www.thelearningodyssey.com

*XtraMath – www.xtramath.org


*Simple math facts flashcards can be purchased at various stores such as

Dollar Tree, Target, ABC & Toy Zone (in Rochester), etc…

*You can search for various third grade addition, subtraction and multiplication

math facts worksheets online. If you would like any copies of worksheets from me

 just let me know!