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Some of what we will be working on…

*Themes and central ideas

*Character traits and how they change

*Point of view

*Compare and contrast stories, audio, video, etc…

*Compare and contrast genres



*Writing – argumentative, informative, narratives, etc…

*Planning, editing, revising, rewriting, etc…

*Proper grammar, capitalization, punctuation and spelling



What you need to know…

*The reading homework for sixth graders will be written in their

assignment notebook. Various activities and projects may be assigned

throughout the year. Specific information/guidelines will be given about

those projects at that time. Your child will also be participating in

Accelerated Reader (AR)…this will be encouraged by their classroom

teacher as well as myself. Each student will choose a book from the

library that falls within a given reading level. They will be responsible

for reading the book and taking their AR test upon completion.


                                                                      Resources for you…    

*Compass Learning -

(login information for Compass Learning will be

sent home by your child’s classroom teacher)

*Read, read and read at home…AR books or any others that might

be of interest to your child!

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